Умный дверной замок Wi-Fi AQARA Door lock N100 ZNMS16LM

Умный дверной замок Wi-Fi AQARA Door lock N100 ZNMS16LM

400 azn

Доступно с Birkart, Bolkart и Tamkart до 12 месяцев.

Закажи онлайн кредит и доставку всего лишь по удостоверению личности !

Доступно на складе.

Гарантия на товар 12 месяцев.

Fingerprint identification, password unlock, temporary password, mobile phone BT, NFC unlock, emergency key, HomeKit BT seven unlock methods.
3D semiconductor fingerprint identification, effectively reduce the impact of skin damage on fingerprint identification, stop 2D false fingerprint unlock.
20 virtual password effective anti-peeping, temporary password flexible to cope with a variety of life scenarios.
Support Mi-band 4/ mobile phone NFC unlock, spare mechanical keys can also deal with emergencies.
Clutch drive is located in the middle of the lock body, the main control chip is placed in the rear panel, even if the front panel is damaged, or use other tools, it is still difficult to open.
A number of built-in sensors, according to the lock tongue status, accurately distinguish the user's operation, in view of abnormal conditions timely issued alarm notification, effectively stop the problem of "door false".
It can interact with various intelligent devices through Mijia APP or A-pple home APP.
The doorbell function is built into the panel without additional configuration.Volume adjustable, high decibel volume.When there are visitors, local remote notice at the same time, to stop missing visitors.
Access Mijia APP, enjoy convenient door lock function Settings, easy to add and remove fingerprints and passwords, change user permissions.

Item type: Door Lock
Color: Black
B-attery: 8*AA(6V D- C)
Users capacity: 50*fingerprints, 50 permanent passwords, 25 NFC devices, 25 periodic password, 8 one-time password
Prompt language: Chinese/English
Wire-less connection: BT5.0
Operating humidity: 0~93% RH 
Operating temperature: -25℃~+70℃
Package weight: 5400g/11.9pounds
Package size: 460*240*190mm/18.1*9.44*7.48inches

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