Умная лампа LED Wi-Fi  Aqara Light Bulb ZNLDP12LM

Умная лампа LED Wi-Fi Aqara Light Bulb ZNLDP12LM

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Работает с Алисой, Google и Siri.

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The smart LED bulb is a bulb that can adjust the brightness and color temperature freely. It has built-in Zigbee wireless communication module. After binding the gateway device, it can flexibly realize remote control, time switch, and multi-device control. The small body exudes a lot of energy. E27 interface, high-energy-saving LED bulb, large light-emitting area. Suitable for bedrooms, living rooms, bars, hotels, gardens, etc.

Main Features:
Acrylic material, strong light transmission
Simple bulb design, practical and durable
E27 holder, easy to match: E27 holder, widely match with different lights
Safe and energy-saving: 9W low consumption, the bulb is energy-saving and environmentally friendly
Wide application: great for indoor lighting decoration such as bedroom, living room, bar, hotel, nightclubs, gardens, restaurant, coffee shop, villas
Fashion corn appearance: the nice appearance bring you good mood
• Wireless connection: Zigbee
• Voltage: 220 - 240V
• Power: 9W

APP name: Aqara Home
Download method: search and download in the app store

Note:this product requires a Hub enabled device to operate.

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