Ağıllı Yuva Ağ rəng Gosund SP111

Ağıllı Yuva Ağ rəng Gosund SP111

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Serve wherever you are

Gosund SP111 is a 3450W smart socket with an EU plug. Through an application, we can control lighting or other household devices directly from the application on our smartphone. Using the Smart Life app (Tuya app) (for free download on Android and iOS). Once the product is connected to the local network and added to our app, we can control it from anywhere in the world where we have Internet access. The product can be assigned in the app to many users, so that the device can be controlled by all the household members. 

The device works with the latest systems: IFTTT, Amazon Alexa and Google Home



Easy to use

The Smart Life application is available in Polish, in addition to the standard device on/off switch-on/off, it also offers the creation of action plans for individual devices, thanks to which it can automatically switch on/off connected devices at specific times. In the application we can track the current power consumption of the devices, also on charts. Gosund devices work only in 2.4GHz WLANs. 

Thanks to the application, you can plan the operation of devices in your home (including lamps) so that they simulate the presence of a resident, which can scare off a potential burglar. 




Ergonomic design  

The Gosund SP111 plug is made of the highest quality materials. Thanks to its small size, we can effectively use it in various types of power strips, compared to other plugs, it was carefully designed not to waste space. The plug has also been factory fitted with plugged-in plugs so it is safe for children. It is ROHS and CE certified, the housing is safe and fire resistant.  



Model SP111
Plug Europe
Dimensions 10x7,5x8(cm)
Voltage 230V
Max. current 15A
Max. power 3450 W
Connection WiFi  (2,4 GHz)
Measurement accuracy 0.1 kWh
App Smart Life (Tuya App)
Additional functions   Energy consumption measurement + Timer function, backlighting
Weight 18,1 gram

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