Robot Tozsoran Robot VC Kyvol E20

Robot Tozsoran Robot VC Kyvol E20

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2000Pa Powerful Suction:Cybovac E20 enjoys strong suction of up to 2000Pa, allowing it to clean hair, dust, and pet litter from hard floors to medium-pile carpets.

Ultra-slim Body: With the 2.85-inch slim body, Cybovac E20 is able to reach every corner of your house or narrow space, making sure your home can be completely neat and clean.

150 Mins Long Runtime & Auto Charge: E20 can work as long as 150 mins thanks to its 3200mAh lithium-ion battery and it can automatically get recharged when the battery is low.

Smart App & Voice Control: Easily control Cybovac E20 by a few taps on your smart phone. Plus, E20 works with Alexa and Google Assistant. Just start/stop the cleaning by voice commands!

3 Cleaning Modes: Cybovac E20 has 3 cleaning modes for you to choose, including automatic, spot and edge cleaning. Also, it will automatically increase the suction when cleaning carpets.


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